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Web Applications


Comprehensive integrated ISP management system - manage users, radius login, email and account management with automated billing and real-time payment services.

WebMinistrator is a complete ISP admin service fully web based and hosted on our own servers or fully installed on your own hardware. From just $25 per month, all you need is a customer access network - we do the rest.

WebMinistrator features include:

  • One step user, email and login setup: Enter user details and password once to automatically create user account, email and radius server login
  • Comprehensive access plan creation: Create access plans supporting time and/or data limited services, shaped or fixed time/download, and/or base + excess charged plans.
  • End user management system: Interface for the end user to manage user details and passwords, check online time and manage bills and payments.
  • Automated e-billing system: Automatic generation of monthly service bills complete with reminder notices and overdue account notification.
  • Flexible payment options including real-time Online credit card payment: Support payments by cash/cheque and credit cards by telephone or online. Flexible payment terms by customer.

WebMinistrator is a comprehensive ISP system based on flexible combination of reliable and powerful systems including:

  • Coldfusion Web Application Server
  • BIND 7 DNS services
  • Postfix MTA
  • Courier POP3/IMAP
  • SquirrelMail WebMail system
  • PostgreSQL Server
  • FreeRadius

Available as an online ASP (Application Service Provider) service, or installed configured and maintained on your own platform. Contact us now for an obligation-free demonstration or for further information.